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Position Dynamics / Optima
The patent-pending Agility Plus legrest offers all the features of our standard elevating, articulating legrest, with swing-away capability added in.

Also patent-pending, theSolo Axis is the first spring- loaded, single post foot plate with power elevation and true articulation at the knee pivot point.

The OptimaX bariatric system offers a sleek design and 3-dimensional expandability in tilt, recline, or tilt/recline unit. Available with a capacity of up to 650 pounds and a seat width of up to 30 inches.

Products Design Group
Wheelchairs Cushions, Laptop Tray Systems.

Try Roho's air cushions on your wheelchair for maximum comfort Seating System Sizes.

Star Cushion Products
Star's air cushions provide a gentle ride. Starlock, Product Line.

Systam Cushions
Offering complete line of high-end pressure reducing cushions : a viscoelastic memory foam cushion, a moulded gel and foam cushion and a dual chamber, closed air-cell cushion in 2 and 4 profiles. Sizes range from 14 pediatric to 20 cushions. Viscoflex Cushion, Duoform Cushion, Polyair 60 Cushion, Polyair 100 Cushion, Back Support and the Cervical Pillow.

La Bac
The La Bac Tilt 'n' Recline system is completely adjustable and great for those who need to recline in their wheelchairs.

Sit-Rite Lt
Back & adjustable base for wheelchairs.

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