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Horcher Lift Systems
Horcher Lift Systems…
  • The Lexa
  • The Raisa
  • The Diana
  • The C Series
  • The PC-2 Portable
  • Horcher Bathing aids
  • The Forelli
  • The Lena

Hoyer Lifts by Sunrise Medical)
Hoyer carries a wide range of personal lifts to make transferring easier.

Overhead Lifts
Ceiling lifts solve the problems that traditional floor-based lifts have presented, such as difficulty maneuvering over thick carpeting, turning in tight spots and the need for two people to safely operate them. The Voyager and Easytrack Lift System combine to form a unique portable overhead lifting solution, allowing caregivers to easily transfer family members or loved ones without permanently defacing their homes.

Power Lifts
The smooth, quiet transfer of a power lifter reduces patient anxiety and provides more focus on the person being lifted. Featuring a compact power pack and rechargeable battery, the easy-to-use power system reduces caregiver injury and provides more security for the patient during transfer.

Hydraulic Lifts
The easy to operate hydraulic pump lifters enhance smooth transferring. The Classic Hoyer has proven to be a durable lifter that has assisted patient transferring for over forty years.

Crank Lifts
The even, manual cranking system provides controlled ascent and descent with with a ball-screw mechanism. Hoyer crank lifters are easy to maneuver and enhance smooth lifting and patient transfer to accommodate many needs in rehab, acute and home care settings.
Pool & Bath Lifts
Hoyer pool and bath lifters offer added security, comfort and safety to those who need assistance getting in or out of the bath or pool. Our lifters provide convenience and privacy to the patient, making bathing and swimming a more enjoyable experience.

Lift Slings
Hoyer slings are easy for the caregiver to use and provide secure support to the patient. These durable, comfortable slings are available in a variety of styles and fabrics to meet specific patient needs.

Lift Accessories
Choose from a variety of optional accessories to make patient handling even easier and more comfortable for both patient and caregiver.

Invacare makes Lifts and Slings to aid caregivers in moving physically challenged individuals.,

Liko develops, manufactures and markets patient lifts and a complete range of lifting accessories including,

Mobil Lifts:

Mo Lifts
Solves a variety of lifting solutions in institutions as well as in the home, while providing lifts that are comfortable, safe, easy to use, and maintain the personal contact between patient and care-giver.

Mobil Lifts:

Rubbermaid bathroom safety products include bath seats and rails.

Metro Medical
Metro Medical carries several stump supports.

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