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George White Develops First Handicap Controls for NASCAR For Racing.

Ahnafield, Inc.
Foot Controls, Hand Controls, Joystick Controls, Small Diameter Steering, Steering Wheel Accelerator Brake Control, Portable Hand Controls.

Products designed for the user with limited strength and range of motion in the lower extremities and/or of small stature.

Crescent Industries, Inc.
Driving controls including specialized panels and voice activation.

Handicaps, Inc.
Driving controls easily installed in cars, trucks, or vans.

Menox Driving Aids

Menox Inc.

Compatible for right and left-hand drivers alike. Easily installed in cars, trucks, or vans.

MPD Driving Aids

Mobility Products Design Inc.

Driving Controls customized, ergonomic hand and foot driving controls that keep you actively involved in your world.

Rain Tracker Inc.

Enjoy the Safety of Automatic Windshield Wipers The Rain Tracker senses rain, snow or road spray hitting your windshield, and automatically runs your wipers at just the right speed. You don't have to take your hands off the wheel or other controls to adjust your wipers as road conditions change. Rain Tracker does it all for you, making your drive safer and easier.

Sure Grip
suregrip The Sure Grip hand control system was specifically designed to give drivers the benefit of controlling a vehicle with both hands on the wheel making for a safer, smoother driving experience.

Touchtronics Inc.
Wireless - Multi Use - Radio Remote Control Systems

The PowerTouch wireless remote control system from TouchTronics, Inc. puts virtually every remote function you need right in the palm of your hand. No matter what you need - from unlocking a door to actually starting your engine. As your needs change, PowerTouch keeps improving. Another industry first from TouchTronics, Inc. the PowerTouch product line offers you 2,  4,  6, and 9, channel transmitters to give you even greater flexibility and convenience. Plus AC Specialty Systems from TouchTronics canprovide wireless radio remote control systems for (AC) Alternating Electric Current Applications may be used to control, for example, your lifts, hoists, trolleys, and so on.

Configuration is easy: Choose the PowerTouch remote control system that best fits your switch/motion control situation, then couple it with a PowerTouch AC/DC power supply. TouchTronics will even provide technical and engineering assistance for your project.

Wells-Engberg Hand Control System include, CT-100 Rotary cable operated control, CP-200 right angle cable control, MC-25 rotary mechanical control, pneumatic hand control, and Special adaptions instant installation controls. All Wells-Engberg controls are VA approved.

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