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When it comes to selecting a lift, many variables should be considered to make the best fit possible for everyone involved.

  • What type of vehicle will best suit the need of the client?

  • Will the client be using a wheelchair or scooter?

  • Is the client ambulatory?

  • Will the client be a passenger or driver?

  • If the client is going to ride in their wheelchair while in the vehicle?

  • If the client is going to be a driver, have they had a drivers evaluation?

This is a very important decision for you. There are many types and combinations of vehicles, lifts, wheelchairs. Just as every person is different, so is the combination that a person needs to make transportation as smooth and as dependable as possible for them. A combination that works with one person may or may not work successfully for another without changes. It depends on the individual and the physical challenges they face in their daily life. Let the professionals at High Tech Mobility assist you in developing just the right combination to suit your individual needs and those of your family members. It's your life and your mobility, let us help you make the right choice, one that you can live with for a long time to come. Making the right choice now can literally save you thousands of dollars in the future. Making the wrong one will cost you that money ultimately. Let us help you decide wisely.

Our goal is to offer you quality work that will allow you the greatest freedom at the least cost. We want you the customer to feel welcome in our office and we will answer your questions with respect. You aren't a nuisance, you and your mobility are the most important aspect of our business. We are committed to your customer satisfaction and will prove it.

Access Unlimited

Access Unlimited
Access Unlimited offer a number of solutions to mobility difficulties- Multi-lift, Easy Base, Stand Ease, Mini Touch.


Americhair Corp.
Americhair Corp. offs a unique line of lift chairs for accessible vans that pivot and come out to to pick you up and put you back in the van through the passenger or sliding door on the van. The Solo, works from the driver side door and the Lifto, works from the passenger or sliding side door on the vans.

Aquatic Access
Aquatic Access Inc.manufactures a variety of water-powered lifts to provide access for aquatic activities for everyone. including three models that meet all of the existing and proposed ADA guidelines for public pools and spas. In-Ground Pool Lifts, Above-Ground Pool Lifts, Specialized Custom Lifts, Hot Tub / Spa Lift.

Braun Corporation Lifts
Braun's product line of personal and commercial lifts include the Chair Topper, Millennium Series, Swing-A-Way, and Vista Series, UVL Series, Vangater, Vangater II, Mini Vangater, Entervan, UVL Series, lifts, as well as the Companion Seat. 

We can not recommend Braun products, as we service what we sell.

Please note that the information for this vendor is for informational purposes only. High Tech Mobility will not sell and cannot service Braun equipment at this time because of Braun corporate policies. There are no dealerships in the Birmingham, AL metro area of a million consumers. We have tried repeatedly and unsuccessfully to establish a relationship with Braun to no avail. As a result, we cannot and will not presently recommend Braun products and we cannot service them because Braun refuses to sell us parts to keep them serviceable.

Handicaps, Inc.
Makers of the unique Superarm 2000 lift.

Harmar's line of scooter lifts includes the outside lifts AL100, AL500, A010, AL550, also inside lifts AL055, A065,AL200

Mac's Lifts
Since 1957 MAC'S Lift Gate Inc. has provided Accessible Mobility-Solutions for both residential and commercial use. Vertical Home Lift, Wheelchair Lifts, Stair Lifts, Scooter Lifts, also inside lifts Transfer Lifts.

Maxon Mobility
Maxon Product Information (you may need Adobe PDF Reader to read and print the information for these lifts. The Reader can be downloaded from the Maxon Website on the same page. GPS Series, BMR-A-CS Short Column Series, Swivel Loader, BMR-A-CS Series, RC-CS Series, RCM-CS Series, and Wheelchair's

A Helping Hand Lift Chairs, Scooters and Power Chairs, and Adjustable Beds,

Precision Lifts
Precisions line of quality lifts include the Ride & Rise, Hide & Ride, and the XLCARRIER.

Ricon offers several types of lifts for both personal and commercial use: the Foldaway Lift, the Clearway Lift, the Innovator Lift, the KlearVue TM Lift and the Power Transfer Seat TM.

Silver Beauty
Manufacturer of scooter lifts.

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