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Mirrors can help those with limited range of motion to see the physical surroundings around them as they drive. Glancing in the standard rearview mirrors takes your eyes off the road, which causes glance duration, creating driving distractions and produces new blind spots in your forward field-of-view with the potential for an accident. Make your driving safer by asking your physician to prescribe mirrors to aid you when you are operating a motor vehicle.

AMS™ Advanced ALLVIEW™ Optical Technology results in a seamless one-piece mirror that offsets visual distortion while letting you see everything surrounding your car-right, left and center-all at the same time, eliminating blind spots.

With clarity of image so sharp, you can read a vehicle license plate from 60 feet.

Safety Benefits
  • Helps eliminate blind spots while offsetting distortion
  • Solves tunnel vision and disorientation
  • Reduces glare for safer night driving
  • Ensures safe and accurate lane changes, eliminating the guesswork
  • Enhances back up visibility
  • Make safer freeway merges
  • Helps prevent auto accidents
Product Features
  • Two models to choose from
  • Easy-to-install
  • Fits most vehicles
  • Vibration free
  • Shatterproof
All View High Visibility Mirrors

ALLVIEW™ Mirrors
Available models to choose from:

AMS™ Model 1750 Mounts directly to your windshield.

Smart-Clip™ ALLVIEW™ Mirror Clips right on to your existing rearview mirror.

Racers ALLVIEW Mirror™

  For Auto Racers: Auto racers not only travel in excess of 150 miles per hour, but they also travel literally inches apart. And racers themselves are essentially handicapped since the helmets they wear minimize any neck mobility and cut off their peripheral vision to drive only with straight-ahead tunnel vision. That is why AMS™ is the number one choice of all three NASCAR Winston Cup, Busch, and Craftsman Truck series racers and race teams. Not only does the mirror let racers see everything they need to see behind them; more importantly, it indicates to racers how to judge accurately what they see to make maneuvers that can determine the outcome of a race without turning their heads.

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