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Be an Informed Wheelchair Buyer

Determine your own unique needs and wants. Be an active participant in purchasing your new mobility. Consider your wheelchair as an extension of your own body, because that is what it is for you; supporting your mobility and complimenting your personality and look.

There are 4 key areas you need to understand:

Environment - home, transportation, work/school, recreational activities, climate you live in, etc

Functional capabilities - disability needs, type of chair, (power, manual, folding, rigid) features, options, adjustability, weight

What do you want it to look like (aesthetics, color, image)

Funding - dialogue with your team that will help to get funding (therapist, dealer, physician, payor source) and negotiate what you need.

Get involved, become knowledgeable, ask questions, sharing what you want and, if necessary, advocate for your rights! Be prepared to know that what you need, what you want and what you can afford may all collide. In this case, you need to work with your team of professionals and help fight the funding battle using their expertise to guide you. Having a knowledgeable, good team of healthcare professionals such as High Tech Mobility assisting you, will be crucial in your receiving equipment that fits you correctly, functions for you, looks great and is funded to your advantage.

Colours In Motion
Manual wheelchairs in both everyday and sport styles. Featuring "Everyday" chairs, Boing!, Eclipse, Krypto and Spazz. Also a complete line of Sports Chairs. Hammer, Swoosh, Tremor, Xtreme. Xtreme Pro. As well as a line of custom add-on's for wheelchairs, including Hand Rims, Wheels, Tires, Casters, Anti-Tippers, Guards, Protectors, Handles, Seat Belts, and Arm rests.

Numerous manual wheelchairs to choose from including the following: LS Galaxy TM High Strength Lightweight, CLS-R Galaxy Lightweight TM , Galaxy Rehab High Strength Lightweight and CAD Advantage TM Standard/ Hemi, CAL Advantage TM Lightweight, LS Galaxy TM High Strength Lightweight, Premium High Strength Lightweight, Rehab High Strength Lightweight, CAL Advantage TM Lightweight CSP/CSD-8 Millennium TM Hemi CSP/CSD Millennium TM Standard, CEP/CED Value TM Standard CEF Economy TM Standard, CWD Millennium TM Extra Wide, CWD-8 Millennium TM Hemo Extra Wide, CXD Super Ram TM Bariatric, CRD Millennium TM Recliner, CRX Super Ram TM Bariatric Recliner, CRK Comfy TM Pediatric Recliner, CLK Comfy TM Pediatric Lightweight, CTP Travel-Lite TM and the TM Companion.

Power Wheelchairs , ECS Explorer TM, ECW Explorer TM Wide Powerchair.

Everest & Jennings
Everest & Jennings has a wide variety of manual and electric wheelchairsE & J Manual Wheelchairs, LaBac Manual Wheelchairs, Rehab Power, LaBac Power,

Large line of manual and electric wheelchairs. Custom Manual Chairs, IVC Manual Wheelchairs, Power Wheelchairs and Top End Everyday Chairs, Also a complete line of Sports Chairs. Top End Sports and Recreation Products.

Pride Mobility Products
A large selection of Jazzy power chairs are available. Jazzy 1113, Jazzy 1143, Jazzy 1121, Jazzy 1122, Jazzy 1133, Jazzy 1143 and the Jazzy 1170 XL

A great selection of Jazzy power chairs. Quantum-Dynamo, Quantum-Blast, Quantum-Vibe,

Quantum Jazzy Series, All Quantum Jazzy power bases come standard with mid-wheel drive technology, allowing for easy maneuverability in the most tight spaces of a home, school or office. Select models feature Active-Trac Suspension, enhancing the chairís ability to effortlessly maneuver over grass, gravel and up slight inclines. Jazzy 1113, Jazzy 1143, Jazzy 1121, Jazzy 1122, Jazzy 1400, Jazzy 1402 and the Jazzy 1650

Quickie a complete line of folding manual and electric wheelchairs. Lightweight Wheelchairs, Ultra Folding Wheelchairs, Heavy Duty Wheelchairs, Standard Wheelchairs,

Vestil has several outstanding models of manual and electric wheelchairs Extreme 4x4, Jewel MPS, and theFrontier.

Omni Trac
Heavy duty wheelchairs.

Power Chair Checklist

Every power chair has different features and options to choose from, but, as a whole, the following checklist may provide a meaningful guide toward assuring most of your power chair needs are meet.

1. Motor/Speed Package: Many power chairs offer a high speed or high torque motor package - which is right for you?

2. Color: Have you seen color samples and chosen the best for you, your wardrobe, and work environment?

3. Controller: If there are different controller options, are you aware of the differences, and have you chosen the best system for your intended uses?

4. Joystick Mount: If it's your first power chair, do you need right- or left-hand mounting? Do you need a fixed or swing-away mount?

5. Joystick Handle: There're a host of joystick handles other than the standard knob - do you need a T-handle, ball, extended stick, etc.?

6. Battery Charger: If offered, is on-board or off-board more convenient for you?

7. Batteries: If more than one battery size is available - whether due to upgrades or power seating restrictions - are you certain that the selected battery size is appropriate for your needs?

8. Drive wheels: If more than one size is available, have you determined the diameter and width that best matches your driving conditions?

9. Casters: Which size offered works best for you?

10. Tires: Do you prefer flat-free or pneumatic?

11. Leg rests: Of the commonly offered swing-away, drop-in, elevating, or platform leg rests, which best meet your requirements? (Foot plate size and extension tube lengths are often a choice to make, as well).

12. Seating: Seating is among the most vital components of a power chair, and should be verified with your therapist and rehab specialist. However, the three basic non-powered seating systems include sling, pan, and automotive style.

13. Specialty Seating: If you need power seating - elevating, tilt, or recline - confirm the systems appropriateness, and understand how it interfaces with the power chair's's base (seat-to-floor height or battery size may be influenced by power seating).

14. Armrests: Determine which armrest option you wish - height-adjustable, flip-back, single-post removable, etc.

15. Seat Cushion: Don't overlook the importance of a seat cushion, which is commonly ordered at the same time as a power chair.

16. Accessories: From seat belts to cup holders, don't forget the ever-important accessories!

Again, this in an overview of the decisions that need addressing when ordering a power chair - the power chair model you are interested in may have more or less features and options. Let the professionals at High Tech Mobility assist you in making the choice that will be the best for you.

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